What To Wear For Your Winter Photoshoot in Paris

Are you planning a wedding or fun and cozy photoshoot in Paris during winter?! There’s absolutely no doubt that a winter wedding photoshoot can be beautifully unique! Winter in Paris means beautiful romantic nights with your love, staying cozy and warm while enjoying the sights in the city. I’d love to be your choice as your professional Paris Elopement Photographer!

Winter can be a perfect time to plan for your photoshoot. Although the winter months in Paris can be cold, no need to worry about what to wear. Here is a list of ideas for outfits and accessories for your dream photoshoot. Have a look. 

A few tips for getting perfectly dressed up for your winter wedding, elopement, or portrait photo session: 

  • Create contrast with neutral colors in dark and light tones.
  • Pile on the layers style to highlight your movements perfectly for an effortless, chic look. Hats, scarves, & wraps are all great ideas!
  • Wear rich textures, such as knit, wool, or corduroy, for an amazing visual element. Faux fur is fun and funky too!

From winter coats, plaids and glamorous dresses, there are different types of outfits ideas that you can go for stunning photoshoots. However, to make it more unique, don’t forget to call me since I’m an experienced Paris Elopement Photographer. 

Best Paris winter outfit ideas

A classic Look

There’s nothing more classic than a turtleneck, a flowy skirt, along a soft camel coat. These looks can be layered effortlessly. As a result, you can easily bundle up if you are looking for that extra warmth. Add some long pearls and you’re ready to go! These looks are timeless and classy for amazing photos to last a lifetime.

Jacket and Scarf

Consider wearing a beautiful plush jacket and a scarf along with a nice pair of boots with your dress. Or opt for a funky leather jacket and chunky heels for a cool vibe! You will feel warm during your photoshoot and add that extra touch of class!

Long Coat

Long coats are fun for an outdoor winter photoshoot in Paris. These are comfy and chic. Men can wear a long black coat and a colorful scarf. For women, a light or neutral-colored long coat will work great. 

Faux Fur

This attractive option is perfect for all those romantic couples who want to enjoy an opulent-looking Paris winter photoshoot. It’s time to bring out the bling with this one. For girls, they can combine some stunning over-the-top jewelry and add a faux fur wrap for a truly elegant look. 

Now that you have got your Paris winter wedding photoshoot outfit picked out, be sure to choose the best Elopement Packages in Paris to make your big day even more special. For effortless style, use these suggestions, or combine some to make it your own special style. As your photographer I’m also more than happy to offer additional suggestions, so feel free to ask! You’re sure to enjoy your photoshoot in Paris while making a timeless style statement.