The Best Paris Summer Outfits for your Perfect Photoshoot! 

Whether you’re looking for your dream destination wedding photographer in Paris for your wedding or coming for your French getaway on your honeymoon or with friends - crafting your photoshoot is a once in a lifetime way to document each moment.

 Are you looking for the best summer outfits for your photoshoot? Check out this article to get some inspiration. Check out these tips on what to wear for a beautiful couple photoshoot. 

Always be yourself, but consider glamming it up!

You’re in Paris, and the city is well-known as the capital of fashion in the world. So, there’s no need to worry about being overdressed in Paris. If you have a funky and stylish shoe or a killer dress and have been searching for an occasion to wear it, then bring it out! However, remember that if you are in Paris for your elopement photoshoot, it doesn't mean that you need to wear a gown and suit. You can go for anything you want and dress that fits your style. Choose a reliable and experienced Elopement photographer to make sure your photos look amazing!

Get a Perfectly Tailored Outfit For The Occasion

You deserve the best, why not wear something very elegant and well-fitted that can show your body shape precisely and gorgeously! 

Go for Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses will look nice and beautiful with the wind. However, when it comes to fabric, you can choose silk or similar material to feel comfortable. Such materials will be very lightweight and easy to wear during the heat of summer. Besides, you won’t face many issues while moving from one location to another or while sitting. I love testing out the new and creative angles and can create stunning photos with a beautiful flowy dress that can complement the blowing wind. It will add movement and energy to your photos! 

Go for Printed Dresses

There’s always something gorgeous about a floral print, and during the summer season, flowery print dresses will be a great outfit choice for your wedding photoshoot in Paris. You can go for any prints you want; however, sometimes less is more. Paris is known for glitz and glam AND for doing the minimal look so so well. So, why not choose a dress with a subtle or small pattern. If possible, try to use one pattern and match your partner's outfit too. Here is a great tip that you can use. Tell him to use a handkerchief that will match the dress you are wearing. 

Matching with a twist

Well, there is no doubt that colours are very cool, but completely matching with each other might not be the right choice, except the all-black option. However, black is an outfit that will not go perfectly with every couple. So, you can just try to have an outfit that will look good and bring out the best. You can always opt for pastel and neutral colours. Try to avoid big logos on shirts or clashing patterns.

Matching Outfits

Wearing matching outfits can be a good and oh so cute idea! For this, your outfit needs to be on the same wavelength as your partner's outfit. Here, both your outfit styles will matter. If your partner loves to wear a suit, then you can go for an elegant dress. On the other hand, when it comes to a casual look, he can wear jeans and a shirt. For the girl, a playful and light-coloured midi dress will work great. You can combine your outfit with a pair of medium heels. (But always bring comfy shoes on the side! Walking in Paris can be harsh on the feet!)

Here are some major outfit tips that you can follow for a beautiful photoshoot in this city of love! Now, it's time to choose the best elopement packages and get ready to visit Paris and capture the best moment of your life in photos. Click HERE to check out my ALL INCLUSIVE ELOPEMENT PACKAGES!