Paris is absolutely one of the most lovely and amazing cities in the world! There’s no better way to enjoy your stay than to enjoy the views of Paris from a Parisian rooftop bar. The Parisian rooftops are the best place to visit during the spring and summer. You can unwind, have a drink, and see the city from a whole new perspective. If you plan for a Destination Wedding in Paris, then Parisian rooftops could be a perfect option to choose!

Check out my list for the top ten Parisian rooftops you must visit next!

Shangri la La Rooftop Lounge

Shangri la La Rooftop Lounge is a beautiful Persian rooftop that you must visit! The best thing about this rooftop lounge is that it is situated in the best location with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. It could be the best choice for Paris Wedding Photographer to capture some luxurious photos.

La Terrasse (Raphael Hotel)

The La Terrasse is considered one of the most luxurious Parisian rooftop hotels. It is the most peaceful place with a breathtaking view of all of Paris. The best thing about this rooftop hotel is that it is considered perfect for many great occasions. It also includes a bar where you could sip the best cocktail. 

Deli-Cieux Bar, Printemps

This amazing rooftop is located at the top of the Printemps department store. The best part of this location is that you could enjoy a cup of coffee with an admiring view of the Eiffel Tower. You could also get the chance to view the ideal Opera house from this rooftop. 

Hotel Raphael

You could find the Hotel Raphael next to I’Oiseau Blanc. From this rooftop hotel, you could easily able to get the best view of Paris. The best thing about this Hotel Raphael is that it comes with perfect food and drinks that too at a low price. It is the perfect location for celebrating some special occasion. 

L’oiseau Blanc (Peninsula Hotel)

Among all the others Peninsula Hotel is considered one of the award-winning luxury hotels. The best thing about this amazing Peninsula hotel is the elegance and service offered by the hotel. Create memories with your love on the rooftop!

Up On the Roof

You must know that Up On the roof is the popular bar terrace of the holiday in Paris. The best thing about this rooftop bar is that it is open nightly and full swing during the summer and spring. This rooftop bar allows you to see the perfect view of Paris with the right drink. 

Café Richelieu (Café Angelina)

The Café Angelina in Paris is a tea house which is great for a lunch break. You could do the perfect sightseeing with a good meal. It also allows you to see the gardens of the Louvre and The Louvre Museum area with a tiny view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Maison Blanche

If you search for the best rooftop hotel for any special occasion, then Maison Blanche is the right choice. Here you could effectively celebrate special or romantic occasions like anniversary or honeymoon dinner, and much more. The sparkling view of the Eiffel tower makes it a more amazing place. 

Terrass en Haut

The popular Terrass en Haut is the perfect rooftop that you must visit for special lunch and dinner with your partner. It is located on the seventh floor of Montmartre hotel and includes a wide range of sections that you could enjoy. Here you could get a romantic ambiance with an amazing view. 

Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is a rooftop hotel that includes friendly and professional staff for better services. You could get a peaceful and romantic ambiance for any special celebration or event. The design of this rooftop hotel is cool and modern that could offer you a good view. It is one of the luxurious rooftop hotels that you could visit. 

With this best Persian rooftop, you could get the best experience. It also includes the Elopement Packages if you plan to say YES on a breathtaking rooftop hotel with a perfect view!