When you’re planning a trip to visit Paris, in your imagination, you’ll probably start seeing the ancient beauty of Notre Dame, the mesmerizing Eiffel Tower, delectable croissants in cafes, and more! Paris has all things that will never fail to steal your heart with its history, culture, and style. And if you’re thinking of documenting your perfect memories forever, you can find your dream Europe Elopement Photographer to capture your precious and beautiful moments there. But, there are some things that you should know about Paris before you visit to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable! Have a look at the list below!

The Best Time to Visit Paris

Truthfully, Paris can be pleasant and comfortable throughout the whole year. In fact, during winter in Paris, you will enjoy a unique experience with food markets, twinkling lights, and getting cozy in the cafés with a glass of wine. So, first, understand your trip type and choose the time accordingly. For an elopement, winter can even be the best time. And you can also find your perfect Europe Elopement Photographer who is probably less busy in winter to take amazing photos while enjoying your wedding in Paris.

How Long Should you Stay in Paris?

One of my favorite things about Paris is there’s ALWAYS something new! You can discover countless activities and places to eat and enjoy right at your fingertips. I would suggest staying for at least three to four days to have a good taste of the city. If possible, you can spend more time with your partner or family/friends to explore things more fully!

How to Use Public Transportation

The metro system in Paris is quite easy and even has an app where you can find your route easily. Go inside the metro station and ask for a Navigo GO card, and fill up your card for about 1.9€ per ticket. If you are looking for the cheapest option to travel around Paris, use public transport and feel like a local! Of course, there’s always Uber too!

Paris Currency

The currency in Paris is the Euro. Most shops accept credit cards, but it is advisable to have some cash in hand. For example, when going to a boulangerie you can get a croissant for just 1€, and having a simple coin is easy! You will find a lot of ATMs across the city, so withdrawing money will not be a major problem but you may pay international fees. You should also make sure that the credit card you are using doesn’t charge a fee for foreign transactions.

Understand the Cost of Things in Paris

If you want to visit the museums, the charges will be around €7 to €12. In Paris, a sandwich will cost you around €6. The cost of a pizza can range from €8 and €12. For a meal (without drinks), you may need to pay between €15 and €20. The cost will vary based on the area. For hotel costs, on average, the price can vary from €120 to €400 based on the type of hotel you are choosing. And of course, hiring a professional Wedding Photographer in Europe will be completely priceless to add to your trip ;) 

Expected Manners and Etiquette

The French are always surrounded by tourists in Paris, so they love it if you can say Bonjour monsieur or madame if you need some help. Even if you don’t know French very well, these small actions help you to win their hearts!

Best Day Trips

You can visit Normandy Day Beaches like Etretat, Loire Valley, Mont Saint Michel, Giverny, and Versailles for a memorable day trip in Paris. These are gorgeous locations that you will not regret adding to your trip! For the best experience, you can choose the Wedding Elopement Packages that include all the things.

Should You Tip?

In general, the prices displayed in the menu include the services charges and taxes. In fact, in Paris, tipping is not very common. However, if you like the services, then you can give a tip of 5 to 10 percent to show some extra love! But that is not compulsory.

Language in Paris

French is the primary spoken language in Paris. However, you don’t have to worry about learning perfect French, as people in Paris often also speak and understand English. But you can learn some basic French words for a better experience and to show kindness to the culture!

Where can you stay in Paris?

If you are looking for the best places to stay in Paris, I have a few blogs you can check out that show tons of hotels and air bib options just for you!

Keep these important things in your mind, and you can also choose some of the best Wedding Elopement Packages to make your visit to Paris memorable. And when it comes to taking some beautiful photographs at the best locations in Paris, you can always choose an experienced Wedding Photographer in Europe. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore the city!