Classic French Cuisine You Should Absolutely Try When Visiting Paris

Are you planning to travel to Paris? If yes, then you must try the best and most popular French cuisines while roaming around the city of lights! While roaming the streets and indulging in your picture-perfect vacation, you should also choose the Best Paris Wedding Photographer to capture your every moment! People visit Paris to explore the beautiful monuments and landscapes, and of course travel for food! Paris is famous for some fantastic cuisine and not indulging yourself in that would be a shame! So, let’s talk about those famous French goodies!


Ok it may seem obvious. But even food experts have said that some of the most experienced bakeries in the US can’t make and bake bread perfectly as the French boulangerie. (The French are really proud of that bread haha) In Paris, more than 350 baguettes are consumed every second (I know, crazy right) , making it a classic French food that you gotta try. They taste just amazing when made into French sandwiches. You can try a Jambon sandwich to witness the real taste of a baguette. With ham and lettuce topping, the taste will take you to a new world. Give it a try. 


Croissants look very simple, but the flaky pastries require a lot of time and skills to make them perfect. Whether you are enjoying them with a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee, or on their own, this will definitely brighten up your morning. In Paris, breakfast on the go is acceptable - but you really will love lounging in the café and enjoying every moment of your French adventure. Choose the Best Elopement Packages in Paris and try out these foods while enjoying your destination wedding in Paris. 

Boeuf Bourguignon 

Also known as Beef Burgundy, this classic French cuisine comes accented with mushrooms and pearl onions. With time, the dish has evolved and turned into an elegant entrée that everyone should try. The food is generally paired with potatoes, such as Gratin Dauphinois, perfectly sliced potatoes baked slowly with shredded Gruyere and cream. If you love some good old fashioned comfort food, then this dish is a perfect choice. 

Pain Au Chocolate

Believe it or not - it’s not called a chocolate croissant! If you ask for that, you’ll surely look like a tourist lol! They are typically enjoyed for a snack or breakfast. This delicious chocolate bread looks flaky and comes stuffed with chocolate. You can enjoy this bread at breakfast along with a coffee before starting your day. For the best taste, eat it when warm as the dish is quite common in Paris and can be found in bakeries or cafes. Try it out! 


This is one type of fish stew made by French fishermen to consume the rockfish that they caught; however, they couldn’t sell. Now, the dish is quite common in Paris to enjoy crabmeat, lobster, and mussels in Bouillabaisse. This dish can vary from one restaurant to another. As a result, you can witness different variants of Bouillabaisse.

A combination of shellfish, fish, and vegetables can be used, then they are simmered in broth to make the cuisine. You will love this dish. Choose a well-reviewed restaurant for the best taste. If you want to capture your moment of enjoying this food, hire the Best Paris Wedding Photographer. In fact, your photographer can even suggest to you the best place to try out the dish. I’m a total foodie!


If you are a pastry lover, then you won’t find a better place than Paris. And did I mention they are simply the cutest addition to bring to your photoshoot! There is a lot of specialty macron stores in Paris, and the taste and look will vary. You can try out different flavored macrons, from modern conditions, for example, raspberry & rosewater, to classic flavors like salted caramel. The important thing about the macarons is the perfection. When made perfectly, with every bite, you will witness a delicious punch of flavor. 


Don’t forget to try these foods in two different ways, i.e., sweet and savory. You can go for Crepes Salees and Crepes Sucrees. They come stuffed with different fillings, like vegetables, cheese, meat, and more. In the sweet version, there will be sugar, butter, Grand Marnier, and more. 

There are more such classic French dishes that you can try in Paris. For me I simply enjoy roaming the streets and tasting out whatever my eyes (and stomach) find that day!