9 Best Restaurants & Places to Eat in Paris

With quite literally thousands of restaurants to pick from, on your next Paris adventure you will find unlimited dining possibilities. But finding the right place can be challenging! Shall we dine at Michelin-star restaurants or flaner to a random bistro for a bite?

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Beefbar Paris

If you are looking for a historic and luxurious restaurant near the Champs Elysees, then you can always go to Beefbar Paris. Its perfect decoration and the great combination of laid-back and flashy design make it an ideal place to enjoy a relaxed business dinner and lunch. It offers Spanish, Mexican, Japanese, and French food. 


Bring out the retro vibes! This is another excellent restaurant in Paris where you can enjoy delicious classic French food - while enjoying some good vibes. Whether you love non-veg or veg food, it has everything. Need I say more? While enjoying your delicious food, you even have a stunning view of the city. You will love Gratin De Coquillettes. 


If you want to taste of authentic south-western French food, then you definitely can’t find a better place than Joia. The dining space is cozy and intimate as the stunning scarlet-red living room with a fireplace creates a perfect atmosphere. I love the decor - perfect to live like a Parisian and dine for hours on end with your bottle of wine.


This restaurant is Yannick Alleno’s three-Michelin -Star Japanese restaurant. And even though you may not be in Paris to try out Sushi and sake, you should absolutely give this place a shot for a unique dining experience. You should try out their smoked pig egg, kuzu, and artichoke tofu. Don’t forget the premium sakes!


Located near the Grand Palais museum, this is a landmark restaurant in Paris. The interior, yellow-gold dining area with white orchids and white tablecloths are absolutely stunning. Don’t forget to try out its truffle macaroni and the heather-stewed grouse. And obviously you’ve gotta go for their crepe’s suzette dessert. 


If you’re looking to have mouth-watering Parisian dishes on your vacation, add this spot to your list! Here you can go for flavourful lobster bisque, one of their popular items. Give the chef’s award-winning items a little try - there always a little different from the French items, with a perfect twist and updates. French with a modern twist!


Connected to a theatre, if you are looking for a perfect place to enjoy your pre-and after-show dinner, this restaurant is for you! With a perfect level of comfort, you can enjoy some well-executed dishes cooked by Juan Arbelaez while sitting in style. This is an ideal place for cold wintry evenings. If you want, you can choose the Best Elopement Packages France to capture your every moment. 

Ducasse Sur Seine

This restaurant is on a boat that glides through Paris, Grand Palais, to the Eiffel Tower. Have you ever heard of anything better?! Treat yourself and try out the chilled lobster and purple artichoke. For dessert, you can go for the fig tree ice cream. Enjoy your foods with some stunning classic Parisian views. 


Enjoy a warm Sunday lunch at L’Orangerie, where the sunlight filters through the glass conservatory. Some of the famous dishes that you can try are the herb-infused aubergine and the seared scallops with the sea bream. If you are a meat-lover, you should go for the Wagyu beef. Enjoy your Sunday lunch here. 

These are some of the best restaurants in Paris where you can enjoy some unique and famous dishes. Create your perfect vision and enjoy your stay capturing some stunning photos by hiring the best Destination wedding Photographer in Paris.