Do you have a dream of proposing to your partner in the most romantic place on earth? What can be a better place than the beautiful Paris? Paris is famous for its romantic spots, which reflect love. So if you hired a wedding photographer in France to capture the proposal moment, then you must choose the most beautiful places. There are so many places in Paris that are great for getting engaged, but we have prepared a list of the 12 most romantic places to save your time. 

The Eiffel Tower

This is the most obvious name in the list, and the list is incomplete without it. Eiffel Tower is a spectacular location that would make the proposal memorable and special for your partner. Travel together to the third floor, and there you will see the city the beautiful city. Propose where there are more room and amazing views.

The Sacre Coeur

If your partner loves the sunset, then this would be the perfect place for you. You can propose while gazing at the setting and sit there hand in hand with your beloved. If you want to keep this beautiful moment forever, then you can hire a Europe wedding photographer. This place gives the best view from the top of the mountains. 

Square René Viviani

Square René Viviani is a beautiful garden square that is filled with exquisite flowers, romantic benches, and weeping trees. Even though this square is small, it is still one of the most romantic places and appealing. One of the best things about this park is the presence of the oldest tree in Paris.

Paris’s inspiring bridges 

If you have hired a wedding photographer in France, then he will surely recommend this place to you. The bridges on the river are a symbol of romance. When the sun slowly goes down in the background, you can propose to your beloved. This place is already popular among the local couples as well.

The Medici Fountain in Luxembourg Gardens

The Medici fountain is another beautiful spot in Paris. This is the best place to propose from April to September because, in winter, it is completely fenced off due to renovations. But the view of this place would make your proposal more memorable. Hire a Europe wedding photographer to lock this memory in your album forever.

The rooftop of Terrass Hotel

If you are planning to propose to your partner on your date night, then take him/her to the rooftop of Terrass hotel, where you can get a beautiful view of the city. If you are filmy, then you can put a ring in a glass of champagne and make the night memorable.

In a cafe

There is something very beautiful about Parisian cafes. If your partner loves coffee, then take him/her on a coffee date, and propose. There are some famous cafes like Le Petit Marcel, Le Bistrot du Peintre, Le Pure Café. Your beloved will surely love this amazing idea.

Arc de Triomphe

It is one of the most popular monuments in France, Paris. This would be a great place to ask your partner to marry you if he/she loves the historical place. From the top of the terrace, you can see the whole of Paris. Take your partner to the top and ask him/her to spend your life with you.

The champs de mars at midnight

It is a large public green space in Paris located near the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower sparkles for five minutes every hour, and you can take your loved one there and wait for the moment to propose. Don’t forget to hire a Europe wedding photographer to store this moment. 

The Versailles Orangerie

This grand garden was designed to both impress the visitors and shelter tender plants, and now it is one of the most beautiful places in France. Plan a surprise proposal for your loved one. Don’t forget to search for a good service that offers Europe Elopement Packages to make the moment more special.

The Trocadero

If you are planning to propose to your partner in the morning, then there is no better place than this. Here you can see the Eiffel Tower during the sunrise and hire a photographer to capture the entire thing. We have forgotten the beauty of the sunrise, and this place will definitely make you realize it. 

The wall of love

This is located in the most romantic part of Paris. The wall is dedicated to the symbol of love. Here “I love you,” written in 250 different languages, what can be more romantic than this? Make your partner feel the luckiest by proposing him/her in this location.