Hidden gems in Paris - Secret Photo locations for your photoshoot in Paris!

Paris is one of the most iconic places in the world to visit. I LOVE exploring this city ever since I moved here in 2020. But what I’ve realized in my explorations is that there’s SO many amazing places in Paris that I never see being talked about by tourists! Today, I’m sharing with you some of my TOP hidden locations that only the locals know about and you don’t want to miss them! These are amazing places in Paris where you can visit and also have an amazing photoshoot with me, the Best Paris Wedding Photographer!



Avenue de Camoens has an amazing Eiffel Tower view without the huge crowds! The location is equipped with a picturesque Parisian street with a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. You can watch the amazing buildings built as per the famous Parisian Haussmann style and romantic lamp post. If you are looking for the best place to get your pictures with the Eiffel Tower view - I definitely recommend this spot!


This is such a charming location for a photoshoot - and actually not far from where I live! Many local artists and foodies hang out here because the streets are filled with both! You can enjoy the calm weather, long bridges, shopping, food, and drink. The place amazing for a photoshoot because it gives a vibrant and unique view of Paris in your photos.


The Alexandre Pont III in Paris is considered as one of the most grandiose, extravagant places in Paris; the bridge is built over the Seine river. This is one of the most charming river crossing bridges in the world that makes you feel like you’re right in a movie! In fact, a lot of filmmakers visit this place to film! My personal favorite is from Midnight in Paris - walking over this bridge is so romantic!


This beautiful entry of an art museum gives you the look and feel of a palace. Here, multiple wedding couples visit to shoot their prewedding wedding pictures with their families and friends with the help of me, your Paris Elopement Photographer. I loved shooting some first look photos here - and in fact it’s covered so if there’s rain then it’s ok! If you want to make your friends jealous with some royal pics, then come here!


This is one of the best places in Paris where you could get amazing rooftop views. The place is located on Boulevard Haussmann, which is not so far from the Paris Opera house. Galleries Lafayette itself is a floor space of approximately 70,000m² of luxury shopping! If you want to have a fabulous day of shopping and photographing on this amazing rooftop, you must come here! 


One of the oldest Medieval buildings in Paris where you can experience the history of Paris and get some truly unique photos! The amazing infrastructure make this place outstanding for a photoshoot. And it’s right by the Seine river too! I love this spot!


This place is just 20 minutes away from the metro outside of Paris. It features a beautiful castle and if you’re visiting in April - there are Japanese cherry blossoms that are just extraordinary!! This is a must-see!

The Passage Des Panoramas

When it comes to clicking some amazing photos in Paris, then the Passage Des Panoramas will be a perfect place for you. This is Paris’s oldest covered walkway. The walkway is covered with a durable glass roof and that offers a stunning lighting effect. On the other hand, the beautiful hanging lanterns produce a vintage look and will never fail to take you back in time. There you will find a lot of ethnic restaurants as well as eclectic shops. So, visit there and enjoy your time with a cup of coffee. 

The Bird and Flower Market

This beautiful and refreshing place is located near 37 Place Louis Lepine along the River Seine. While roaming around the place, you will find yourself lost in colorful planters and flowers. The best part is that this market transforms into a Bird Market every Sunday. So, you can enjoy the tweets of thousands of different birds. When you are exploring Paris, you should not forget this area.

Rue Cremieux

If you are looking for a colorful place in Paris, then this street located in a residential area will be a perfect option for you. This is an ideal gem and a beautiful place where you take some stunning photographs. Well, earlier, the place was not that much popular, but now it turned into a famous Instagram spot. You will definitely enjoy the view while moving through the beautiful pastel-colored houses. However, don’t disturb the residents while enjoying the view. 

The Zadkine Museum Courtyard

This beautiful courtyard is attached to a famous museum in Paris. During Spring and Summer, it comes to life. The mythological statues made of bronze hide in the foliage, creating a stunningly magical environment. Well, the best part is that you can enter the courtyard as well as the museum for free. So, don’t forget to visit this place and witness the beauty and artistry of this romantic place. You will just love it.

The Columns of Palais -Royal

There are 260 striped columns within the Palais Royal’s courtyard that produce an amazing view. Well, this place creates a beautiful photography opportunity. Even though the columns are old, they get amalgamate with the place perfectly, attracting many visitors to the area. Furthermore, the palace and courtyard can be accessed for free. So visit there and take some beautiful photos with your partner or family. 

Dalida Square

Dalida Square, located in Montmartre, is one of the prettiest places that you should visit while in Paris. This place can be a perfect escape from the busy life of the city. The place has quaint buildings, beautiful streets, and more. The perfect time to visit this place is during Winter and Summer. You should stay there for at least one night to witness the true beauty of this place. 

The Sacre Coeur Carousel

Sacre Coeur and Montmartre are some of the top places to visit while in Paris. However, it has been seen that most of the people directly visit the Basilique or take stairs to the funicular up. For the most stunning view, you can have a look at the mesmerizing Carousel located in the Square Louise Michel. You shouldn’t miss this place. 

The Montmartre Windmills

This one of the most popular hidden gems in Paris to visit. Move towards Rue Lepic, located in Montmartre, and find the Moulin De La Galette there. Then you can see the beautiful two windmills with an ancient look. Well, earlier, Paris used to be a place with wooden windmills, but not there are only a few left. Most of the people visit the area, but they always forget to see these beautiful windmills made of wood. 

The Cloitre Des Billettes

This is a magical spot, a medieval cloister in Paris where you can enjoy some great views. It may be noted that the entrance fee to The Cloitre Des Billettes is free and now utilized as an art gallery. This place is also good for photography. 

SO - if you are interested in visiting these places for fun, or for your beautiful PARIS ELOPEMENT or wedding, then you can call Alyssa as your Destination wedding Photographer Paris for a photoshoot! Let’s make your time in Paris unforgettable.