Beautiful Nights and Lights!

As wedding and couples photography trends change year after year, I'm hoping this one will stay around for good! I'm talking about SUNSET, EVENING & NIGHTTIME sessions! Yes, I'm finding that more and more couples are requesting for a nighttime shoot to be incorporated into their photo sessions. Here's why...

Bring on the Night

When you incorporate sunset to evening photos into your photography session, there’s no need to rush to get all your photos taken before the sun goes down. Imagine you and your love in Paris, moving seamlessly from airy romantic daytime photos to something more dramatic, intimate, fun and edgy. With this day to night photoshoot timeline, we can truly create two different versions of the same day, each with its own unique vibe!

Don't Forget the Sparkle and Shine

Taking photos at night- just before sunset or nighttime shots with background lights is getting more and more popular, and night photos are especially beautiful in Paris, the world- renowned "City of Light"! Whether your background of choice is the shimmering Eiffel Tower or the lit-up Louvre Pyramid, you will not regret having your memories captured this way!

Let the Night Capture Your Authentic Romance

Let your authentic romance come to life in the evening! For something more subdued and dramatic, we can take your night photos having drinks in a beautiful bar or sharing dessert at an intimate cafe. Or take advantage of streetlights in your photos by strolling hand in hand along the Seine or a down a quaint Parisian street. Add some fun to your night session while enjoying one of several beautiful carousels in the city!

Let's Plan It!

Ready to tell your story with a romantic night photo session in Paris? I would love to help you plan your unforgettable experience!

Let's chat! I can't wait to hear your vision and help you bring it to life! Not sure exactly what you want? No problem! I don't just work in Paris, I live here, too. I've scouted out dozens of great creative options for photoshoots. I would love to love to work with you as a couple so I can make the best suggestions to represent your vibe. To get started planning your personalized session reach out today!