Hand-Painting Dresses in Paris

I am so honored that I’m working with Marie-Sophie, a dress painter and designer in Paris! We collaborated with each other so well + I think that comes down to the driving purposes in both of our creative eye’s work: To Tell A Story. To Tell YOUR Story.

Here’s a little bit of her story that I’m so excited to share!

Marie-Sophie has been painting on silk for many years, but not in a traditional way on the surface of fabric - her technique actually paints inside of fabric, giving it what she considers to be “A Fairytale Like Glow”.

In 2018, she entered an International Textile contest in France. The theme of the contest was: “Mysteries From the West”

She already felt her technique was romantic, and what’s more romantic than a wedding day?! She decided to paint on a wedding dress. She imagined the story of her ancestors in France in the 18th century, venturing off to the west new world, modern day Quebec, where her family’s ancestry there would begin. This new design unlocked so many creative ideas for her.

Marie-Sophie went on to win a 2019 bridal contest with her completely fresh perspective, technique + beautiful story. She was then invited to showcase her gowns at a Paris fashion show in 2019.

Today, she takes this idea of story-telling on wedding dresses to a new level by telling her clients’ stories on their dresses. I included a photo (pictured last, not by me) of her recent Japanese-style design. Crafted for her client that met her husband in Japan + wanted to highlight that memory on her wedding day.

As a photographer, I’m blown away by her work that can tell such beautiful stories, and this is just the surface.

It’s so important to me to tell my client’s stories in their photos. And I think these dresses do that in as well in such a unique + special way.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind design like no other, you must contact Marie-Sophie! She cares so much for her craft.

Here’s some of our photos captured in Montmartre with her beautiful model ✨ Check out her website HERE if you want to contact her for a custom quote!