Tips To Feeling like a French Local: Aperitif

Is there anyone who can do the cocktail hour in the best, most classic way than the French? You should consider doing it the next time while you have guests visit your home with a French Apero, which is a pre-dinner ritual involving every French aperitif, smaller bites, and great company.

You can even try it out in the country while visiting France's less known cities while arranging for your wedding and hiring a wedding photographer in Europe. The apero significantly symbolises the start of the night concerning dinner.

The French gourmands now have entered into the habit of consuming some refreshing cocktails before the commencement of their meals for several generations now. This apero is considered a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy the conversations before starting the real meal. The French aperitifs are designed specifically to be the mood enhancer and a drink that can whet the appetite for your upcoming dinner. 

L’Heure de l'Apéro


So, when can you take on the apero in France? Aperitif is considered a possibility before lunch and mainly during the weekends. People cherish enjoying the pre-lunch aperitifs all-around 12-12:30 pm, even a perfect start to the Europe Elopement packages.


The French love late dinners, So around 6-7 pm, witnesses the evening aperos, but you will never find a solid rule here.

The aperitif here would mean something spontaneous among the co-workers at the end of the workday, especially during the week here.

Where to Take a French Apéritif

Aperitifs can happen anywhere, be it your home or in your favorite bar, or even a terrace.

During the winter, bars, wine bars, and pubs are the most common places to take an apéro in Paris.

In the winter times, aperos in Paris is common where it happened in the bars, wine bars, and even the pubs.

Aperos with friends often took place in the central places that would suit the needs of all, especially during the week here.

Near to the office or even in working places, Aperos with the co-workers mainly happened, for instance, you are sure to come across several bars around these towers having the special offers for the time of apero.

The terraces and the fanciest rooftops were commonplace for the aperos. The best place would be the parks or even the canal banks at the la Villette in the summers. All you would need is to pick your favorite bottle and a few snacks to munch on, and you would be all set.

Apéritif Drinks

Alcohol is the basic ingredient for the Aperitif drinks, and drinking in moderation is often the subject. You can completely enjoy the drinking session while arranging for a French aperitif for your wedding where the couple photographer Paris would love to capture the delicate moments. Let us check out the drink of choice, especially when you are out for an Aperitif in France:

French Wine: It is often the best idea to go ahead with wine. Red wine is the one that is common during the wintertime while the summer is subjected to the whites, and the roses tend to replace the red ones

Bitters: The French make a delicious assortment of bitters that are perfect on the rocks for a little apertif. My personal favorite is Suze, flavored with the roots of the plant gentian. Why not give it a try for something new!

Kir or Kir Royal: One of the highly popular drinks in France aperitif drinks is the Kir which is considered a French cocktail that is made with the measurement of the crème de cassis being topped up with the white wine.

Rhum: The other most commonly favored drink that is the best for the French aperitif is Rum. This inspiration and love come from the French West Indies and other Caribbean Islands.

Always keep in mind that apero rises all sharing the moment to relax and catch up with your friends and family. You can also introduce aperitif in your wedding as it would be loved by all.