Let's Plan A Unique, French Chateau Wedding!

In May of 2021, my husband and I took a getaway from Paris into the countryside of the Loire Valley. What I discovered was some perfectly located gems that are just waiting for you to find! Getting to the Loire Valley is an easy train ride from Paris and a perfect addition to your next travel itinerary in France.

Here's your HOW TO GUIDE on visiting this region - perfect for your next French adventure OR even your dreamiest elopement!


I honestly can't say enough good things about Chateau De Ternay, which dates all the way back to the 15th century.

The owners have had this chateau in their family for hundreds of years and take exquisite care of the property. With 6 furnished rooms on the main castle (plus a side home on the property which can also fit up to 12)a ballroom, kitchen and huge open gardens - this place can be THE spot for a quiet yet luxurious micro-wedding.

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Close By Towns Perfect For Exploring And For Photos


Located just a 45 minute drive from Chateau de Ternay - Chinon is just a gorgeous medieval town covered with flowers all over. Take a walk up the hill to the castle and explore inside!

There's also an abundance of cute restaurants and cafés that you will love. Every step of this city was a photo opp, it's unbelievably beautiful.

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Calling all my flower lovers, this little town is known for all things roses. You can actually visit a rose distillery that makes soaps, rose prosecco and so much more. But what really blew me away was the completely complimentary rose garden near the city center.

This rose garden is just begging for an intimate, floral couples session to be shot here! Every color, every size, I was just in awe!

This garden was about a 45 minute drive as well from Chateau de Ternay. Imagine a chateau wedding and then happy hour and your perfect wedding photos in the rose gardens?!


Are you imagining your French wedding but don't know exactly how to bring it to life? Don't hesitate to contact me today and let me walk you through all the steps to making it happen! I'm happy to be with you for every step of the way and to put you in contact with exclusive and amazing vendors to assist you in everything you need.