Bridal Portraits With My Sister and Brother In-Law

September 25, 2021 - Austin, Texas

How horribly ironic is it that two sisters who are both wedding photographers ended up not being at each other’s weddings?? It is probably my greatest sadness about moving to Paris during Covid, even though I moved for my wedding day and am so very happy here 🤍

When I came to France in 2020 I knew my family couldn’t come to my wedding due to the restrictions. It hurt so bad, but what made me feel better was knowing that I would be back in just 4 months for my little sister’s wedding. However, the lockdowns in Paris paired with a lot of visa update appointments that I could not miss made it impossible to return.

When I think about how I didn’t attend my only sister’s wedding it makes me so upset. Because I couldn’t be that big sister to give her a hug on her wedding day, watched her first dance on Zoom screen, and I didn’t get to take any wedding photo of her even though I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings for others.

She deserved to have more and I think I just felt so disappointed in myself that no matter what I did I couldn’t give that to her.

But all of that is to say I just felt so HAPPY and finally a bit internally healed from that sadness when we were able to take these photos together close to their one year anniversary.

The emotions felt so real and it was like we recreated our own special memory for just us. I’m so glad Alaina had this idea ❤️

I know I talked a lot about my own feelings but I really want to give this moment all to Parker and Alaina. I love observing their love. It’s so natural, warm & I have no doubts they are completely happy in each other’s arms.

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